!!!Please do not book a show at another Charlotte venue within a week of your date at Snug Harbor. Doing this probably hurts

your draw both here and the other local venue. If this needs to happen, let us know and we’ll try to work it out!!!


A big THANK YOU to The EARL in Atlanta for letting us plagiarize most of their booking tips. We cannot say it any better.


First of all, let’s get on the same page here. Snug Harbor values artistic expression, freedom and creativity and all of those nice,

touchy-feely things. We consider that a given, and the rest of these suggestions must be viewed within that context. However, from

there we can move on to the business relationship between our venue and the artists that play our room. It must be understood that

bands are hired for the purpose of bringing folks to Snug Harbor that will purchase drinks. Snug Harbor pays its bills this way, as do

those we employ.


So here are some questions you should consider asking during the course of the booking process.


1. Is my band appropriate for Snug Harbor?


Bands seeking shows at Snug Harbor (or any other club, for that matter) that just aren’t appropriate have wasted countless amounts of

dollars and energy. Here is a partial list of genres that 99% of the time won’t be booked at the Snug Harbor:


Jam Bands

Party/Cover Bands



Commercial Pop/Country/Rock

Smooth Jazz



Snug Harbor is an 18 and over club. So, if your band is made up of 17 year old dudes, we’re going to assume that most of your fans

are 17 year old dudes as well. Sorry, we’re likely not going to be able to book you.


2. When do you usually host bands at Snug Harbor?


Band nights are normally Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat. Shows are usually 9 doors, 10 show (maybe later if it’s just 2 bands). Any other night of the

week we can accommodate an early show. Early shows are 7 doors, 8 show.


3. Do I have music online that I can send?


Welcome to the digital age, friends. No need to send a press kit through the mail (though you can if you really want, but we probably

won’t get to it quicker than an email). Bandcamp, Facebook, etc. links are just fine. Mostly, Snug Harbor wants to be able to hear your

music, but also find out a bit more about the band, where else you have been playing in town and if you have ventured outside of

Charlotte to play meaningful shows. This information reflects on your professionalism both as a performer and as a promoter (more on

that later). Pictures and stuff are nice, too, but Snug Harbor aims not to be too superficial about these things. Send all booking inquiries

to booking@snugrock.com.


4. My band is on tour with our good buddies, “So and So” also from Wherever, Not in Charlotte, NC, USA. What dates do you

have for me?


Sorry, but I won’t be able to help out with that one. Getting an out of town band that no one in Charlotte knows about a show at

Snug Harbor is already tough enough. Don’t make it worse by touring with your friends. It’s just more mouths to feed (gas money,

drink tickets, etc) and reduces the likelihood that anyone will come to the show. We don’t like to have more than three bands on a

bill unless we absolutely have to. If two of those bands are from out of town, then we only have room for one local. If there is only one

local, less people come to the show; the show doesn’t cover productions costs; there isn’t any money for the traveling bands; the

bartenders don’t sell any drinks nor earn any tips; and it’s an all around miserable experience for everyone.


5. So what does my out of town band need to do to get on a show at Snug Harbor?


An awfully constructive question. First of all, try to contact some local bands directly. If a good local band has signed up to headline a

show, then we can start talking about a date. There are many resources on the web that can help you find a Charlotte act that may be

willing to share the stage with you. Of course, MySpace is one place to start. I can’t say enough how trading shows with good local

bands will help you get regular gigs at Snug Harbor, and probably other venues also.


6. If I can’t get booked at Snug Harbor, where else is there to play in Charlotte?


The Milestone

The Evening Muse


Skylark Lounge

Visulite Theater

The Neighborhood Theater


And, lastly, a list of things never to do during the booking process:


1. Demand, or limit yourself, to shows only on weekend nights.


2. Ask to open up for hot-ass band “X” and then fail to come see your alleged "favorite band” should you happen not to get the opening



3. Cancel a show because your “van broke down” (this applies only to local acts.)


4. Cancel a show because your “new material isn’t ready” (this applies to everyone.)


There are a ton of bands in the 704 area code alone. Our job is not to book your band, but rather to hire musically appropriate acts that

will work to bring folks to our club.


After your show is booked, promote it! Tell everyone, make flyers, post stuff online, spread the word! You can mail promotional materials

to the venue at:


Snug Harbor

1228 Gordon St.
Charlotte, NC 28205


Tech Specs:


FOH Desk

Behringer x32 Compact

to 16ch snake

w/ 4 returns


Main Speakers

(stereo mix)

2 - QSC K-12 (1 left 1 right)

2 - EV S200   (1 center left 1 center right) controlled by aux as needed

2 - EAW 250z Subs (stacked)



(2 mixes one front and one back)    

3 Yamaha DXR15  (2 front wedges. 1 drum wedge))


DJ Monitor (optional)

1 - QSC K-12



DBX Driverack PA2



1 - CREST 2600 to center fills

1 - CROWN XLS 5000 to subs


Microphones and Direct Boxes

3 - Shure Beta 58

3 - Shure SM58

4 - Shure SM57

5- Behringer XM8500


Drum Mics

3- Sennheiser e604 Snare / Toms

1 - Shure Beta 52a / Kick (can swap with Audix D6)

2- Audix Fusion f15 condenser / Hats or OH

4 -EV PL55 misc percussion


Guitar Mics

2 - Sennheiser e609

1 - Audix i5


Bass guitar Mic

1 - Audix D6 ( can swap with Beta 52a)


8 - Direct Boxes